RESPECT: Delivering Results by Giving Employees What They Really Want

By Dr. Jack Wiley / October 23, 2022 /

“Is it possible that the way to win in business is to give employees exactly what they want? Yes. As RESPECT reveals, managers and organizations who give their employees what they want outperform those who don’t. This is no hunch – it’s a fact based on more than 25 years of global research. Drs. Jack Wiley and Brenda Kowske have amassed a research database unlike any other, and it all started with this simple question: “”What is the most important thing you want from the organization for which you work?””
Organizations that apply this research have more engaged employees, more satisfied customers, and better shareholder returns. It all boils down to seven key elements, summarized by the acronym RESPECT. These are the seven things that employees really want: Recognition, Exciting Work, Security, Pay, Education, Conditions and Truth.

This book taps the authors’ “”in the trenches”” consulting experience and offers real solutions on each element of RESPECT. Written for all types of leaders—from supervisors to the c-suite—readers can pick and choose the proven solutions that are relevant to their own organizations.

By weaving stories and narrative, the authors make complex information easy to understand and fun to read. In addition, RESPECT meets the demands of the global economy, offering an international perspective with corresponding cultural nuances that are critical to helping leaders manage the needs of their workforces.”

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Strategic Employee Surveys: Evidence-based Guidelines for Driving Organizational Success

By Dr. Jack Wiley / October 23, 2022 /

“From the Inside Flap
Most large organizations today conduct employee surveys to measure employees’ opinions regarding the organization and its policies and practices. A properly formulated employee survey program can represent an opportunity to affect and strengthen the organization, making it more competitive in the marketplace in which it operates. But although there are a handful of books available today to guide the development of survey programs, there are none that approach the topic from a strategic point of view. Strategic Employee Surveys was developed to explain the Strategic Survey Model and how it can be used to guide the development of employee survey programs, ensuring they serve their strategic purpose. In addition, this book guides organizations in the most effective survey feedback and action planning processes.

Dr. Jack Wiley explains that survey program purpose, survey content, and survey follow-up processes should all derive from business strategy. In the first part of the book he offers specific examples of how to measure safety, ethics, union vulnerability, work and life balance, and diversity. He also reveals the drivers of employee retention and employee engagement and how to measure them along with examples of survey content that best predicts customer satisfaction and loyalty and other business performance metrics. With each type of survey content, Wiley also presents the most recent normative results, useful for placing results from any organization into the proper interpretative context.

The second part of the book offers specific guidance on the other key component of ensuring employee survey program success: the survey feedback and action planning process. Wiley outlines a time-tested seven-step model of survey feedback and action planning, explaining each step of the model and providing real-life client examples that identify the most common pitfalls of the overall process. Readers will learn how to navigate around these potential problems and will receive advice on how to set goals for improvement from one survey measurement to the next. The book concludes with a discussion of the characteristics of leadership teams whose organizations achieve sustained improvement over multiple iterations of survey measurement.

From the Back Cover
Praise for Strategic Employee Surveys

“”This is a must-read! If you want to bring your employee survey up to the next level—if you want to predict and drive your organizational outcomes, including customer satisfaction and business performance—if you want to move your business strategy and survey program closer together, then this is your book.””—Franz G. Deitering, Ph.D., SAP, and CEO, RACER Benchmark Group; former Chairman, IT Survey Group

“”[Wiley makes] an excellent, well-balanced approach to making the business case for employee surveys and providing reinforcement on the essential components—from purpose and development of the instrument to results analysis to action planning.””—Lawrence E. Milan, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, ING U.S. Insurance

“”This book does not get bogged down in statistical analyses, yet it features a healthy mix of the theoretical and the practical that works for the novice and the experienced survey program manager alike.””— Thomas E. Mitchell, Vice President, Northern Trust Company

“”The book’s key concepts are illustrated with many specifics, especially survey content, and lots of fascinating ‘war stories.’ This book will become a well-thumbed volume by all who want to make the most of employee surveys.””—Allen I. Kraut, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Management, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, CUNY”

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The Employee Centric Manager

By Dr. Jack Wiley / October 23, 2022 /

“Learn what 80,000 employees in 27 countries most want from their manager
Discover the five behaviors, one skill, and two values any manager can master to boost managerial effectiveness ratings and improve employee productivity and retention. Based on a decade of research by Dr. Jack Wiley, The Employee-Centric Manager is a must-read for anyone who earns a living by managing a team, a division, or an entire workforce of people.”

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